What is the Ultimate Book Of?
The Ultimate Book Of is exactly what it sounds like, an ultimate book. With each new edition of The Ultimate Book Of, we will focus on a new subject and real people will share stories, tips, advice, quotes and everything else in between. 

What happens when I submit a story?
When you submit a story to UBO, the story will be reviewed by the UBO team and if your story is considered acceptable your story will be submitted to either the book or the website. 

What do I get from submitting a story?
When you get a story submitted to Ultimate Book Of, it will place your story and writing in front of a large audience. Underneath your story we will print your name and one social media handle. 

You also get the benefit of telling your friends and family that you had your story printed in a book.

Will I receive a free copy of the book for submitting a story?
Unfortunately due the vast amount of people we're hoping to have involved in this venture, we will be unable to send out free copies of the book. However we will be running competitions at the time of release for a few people to have the chance to win a copy. 

How do I submit a story?
You can submit a story by checking out what the next book is and sending your related story to ultimatebookof@gmail.com

What's the next book?

You can find information on the next book in the right side bar. 

Where can I buy The Ultimate Book Of?
Links to where you can purchase The Ultimate Book Of will be added here as soon as the first book is available. 

Can I submit anonymously? 
Yes of course, just state in your email that you wish to be kept anonymous. 

Have any other questions? Then email us them at ultimatebookof@gmail.com or tweet your questions to @ultimatebookof 

UltimateBookOf will be a self published book, primary sold through publishing site Lulu.