What Is The Ultimate Book Of?

13:05Jake Ryan

Have you ever had the dream of publishing your own book but never quite got around to writing one? Well I’m here to tell you that you can finally have your dream of getting your story printed in a book, without you doing any of the hard work that follows. 

Step forward The Ultimate Book Of! 

The Ultimate Book Of is exactly what it sounds like…an ultimate book. Focusing on a specific subject in each new edition, the Ultimate Book Of will share the stories, tips, advice, quotes and everything else in-between from real people. 

The first edition of the Ultimate Book Of will be about something that I love, something that holds a place in my heart….


The first edition will be named ‘The Ultimate Book Of : Travel Experiences’ 

So lets get this project started! Have you got a travel experience you would love to have featured in the first edition of 'Ultimate Book Of'? Send your stories to 


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