Calling All Travellers. Be Part Of ‘Ultimate Book Of - Travel Experiences’

14:11Jake Ryan

So Ultimate Book Of has launched and we’re excited! But now we need YOUR help. 

The idea of the Ultimate Book Of is that it is filled with the stories of real people, people like YOU!

What We’re Looking For,
We’re looking for stories of your favourite travel experiences, these can be absolutely anything you wish, but please make them interesting. We’re looking for fun, thrilling, motivating and inspiring stories for the travel lovers of the world. 

How Long Should My Story Be?
Due to limited space in each printed book, we would like your stories to be around 500 words. However if your story is really THAT great we won’t be counting the words so you can go over slightly.

What Happens After I Have Submitted A Story?
Once you have emailed your story to ultimatebookof@gmail.com We will review your story and if we decide to include your story in the book we will email you to congratulate you on a great story. We sometimes would like to select a few stories to publish on the blog, so be sure to let us know if you would be happy for us to use your story on the blog. 

Where Do I Email My Story To?
Email your story to us at ultimatebookof@gmail.com

Do I Get Paid?
No, but you do get your social media links and website printed in a book for life. You also get to network and be a part of a community of people who love the same things as you.

What Information Do I Include? 
Include your name and one social media handle to be printed under your story so everyone knows who’s the author of such a great memory. You can also include your website if you have one. 

Have any more questions? Check out the FAQ page or tweet me your questions at @ultimatebookof 

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  1. love this idea!!!


  2. Absolutely love this! And its such a perfect timing since I will be studying abroad next semester in London :)